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여행영어회화, 비행기, On an Airplane - English Vocabulary Lesson

여행영어회화, 비행기, On an Airplane - English Vocabulary Lesson

- 비행기에서.




오늘은 즐겁게 여행관련 영어회화를 같이 배워봐요.


오늘은 비행기에서...On an Airplane.


즐겁게 비행기와 관련된 단어와 회화를 같이 공부해요.


매일 매일 떠나는 홈 어학연수. 화상영어.

즐거운 영어여행. 화상영어.


그럼 같이 즐감하면서 떠나봐요.




On an Airplane - English Vocabulary Lesson

English is the most common second language that crew members speak in a flight. Whether you are a student, business man or a leisure traveller, this lesson can help you learn important words and expressions to use while you are on an airplane.

To board a plane | Embark- 
To get on the plane which is ready to takeoff.

Cabin - 
The interior of the aircraft.

Flight attendant - 
Man or Woman who provides service for passengers during a flight.

Aisle - 
the long empty space that you walk down ( between the seating rows) 

Overhead bin -
The place above the seats for storing luggage.

Galley - 
A kitchen or an area with kitchen facilities in a plane.

Cockpit -
The part of the plane where the captain and his co-pilots sit.

The person who drives/flies the plane.

Person who helps the captain fly the plane.

Driving an airplane to the correct place for taking off or deboarding.

When the plane leaves the ground.

Motion sickness-
A bad feeling in the stomach that passengers get during a rough ride in a plane.

To cruise-
To fly at a constant speed that permits maximum operating efficiency.

Violent or unsteady movement of air. 

Call light-
A button passengers can press to get a crew member's attention.

Flight entertainment- 
Refers to the entertainment available to aircraft passengers during a flight.Usually LCD screens on the back of the seat playing movies and songs.

Drinks and snacks offered to passengers during the flight.

Touch down-
When the aircraft wheels land on the ground.





약간 생소한 단어도 좀 있죠.


그래도 이런 기회에 이런 단어도 같이 공부하면 잼있죠.


비행기와 관련된 단어.

바로 영어여행입니다. 하하하.

매일 떠나는 홈 어학연수. 화상영어로 잼있게 매일 매일 공부해요.

Have a good day. See you soon. Take care.


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